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Ever wish you could brainstorm with seasoned executives, peers and business academics on how to solve tough problems?


It is said that no one person can succeed or grow on his/her own as an entrepreneur. Business people are constantly overcome with various adversities and occasionally having to battle their own fears. Anyone building a business should seek sound advice and guidance through his/her launch, into profitability and beyond.

That’s where advisory/sounding boards can be invaluable. That said; surround yourself with experienced people who can guide you as you grow your business.

Our objective

We are a business hub and sounding board for entrepreneurs with small or mid-size businesses with a focus on progressive improvement and positive change. Our high-performance team of seasoned executives and business school academics offer hands-on enterprise consulting, performance improvement and business development – among other operational areas.

the sounding board for success

What’s in it for your organization?

  • A valuable “resource” normally accessible/reserved to large companies;
  • Outside third party perspective from an unbiased sounding board;
  • Advice and recommendations that add value to your organization.
  • On-going assessment of your organization..

Our unique proposition

  • Clients have at their disposal a a wide range of expertise from a team of seasoned professionals with mufti-sector global experience,
  • Approaching dilemmas and challenges with unconventional thinking and applying proprietary tactics and proven methodologies to overcome adversity.
  • Along with sound advice, the board’s actions assist in implementing, as well as monitoring the impact of change, yielding positive results in 90 business days or less – guaranteed!

Who benefits from our services?

  • Businesses faced with growth challenges (goods or services – B2B/B2C);
  • Companies with international ambitions;
  • Companies open to the concept of external input.

Key activities

  • ​Audits;
  • Corporate development;
  • Key functional committees;
  • Specialized task forces;
  • Ancillary services including executive training;.

All sessions are confidential.

Meet Your Prospective Board of Advisors | Sounding Board

The following diverse group of seasoned professionals are presently on the board of the mastermind group to guide you. Click the name to view the profile.

For further  information, kindly contact James D. Roumeliotis at this link

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One response to “The Sounding Board for Success/Hire

  1. Much more than another layer of management, an effective advisory board can be a source of affordable advice that adds value to your business. With high-calibre people whose abilities complement yours, an advisory board can offer insights and ideas that help you lead your company to higher levels of performance.

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